Aqualuna Condos – The Newest Urban Living Trendsetter

Aqualuna condos

Aqualuna is the newest high-end residential projects in the city of Toronto, Canada. The project was inspired for its beautiful location right in front of a stunning waterfront. The building’s modern facade design boasts the lovely views of Lake Ontario’s crashing waves. Every suite of this building can definitely admire the serenity of this wonderful lake view.

The main design of Aqualuna at Bayside is to form a strong community that promotes a peaceful and harmonious urban living. 3XN’s main design is to bring “good neighbors” in every Aqualuna Condos. There are many specifications and details brought on the table to come up with a unique theme for this new residential area.

3XN designed the building to take advantage of Lake Ontario’s stunning views. They designed two buildings as a landscape with a beautiful valley in between. These two buildings are labeled as “two peaks”, that both two fronts are facing the lovely lake views. This resulted in having a higher value to the client compared to other newly built residential condominiums in the city.

Aqualuna Condos

Due to its location and positioning, potential homeowners can enjoy longer daylight that prevents them from constant use of electricity. With its lighting capacity from the front, homeowners will not only enjoy a spectacular view but as well as an affordable electric bill. Each unit has a wave-like balcony design to enjoy the outdoor living while maintaining exclusive privacy. The developers boast this balcony design as one of a kind or the most unique throughout Toronto.

The biggest highlight of this residential area is to enjoy the views of the waterfront. Toronto’s waterfront has undergone numerous changes in the past years. The bayside went through a strenuous revitalization to bring back its natural beauty once again. Aqualuna plans as well to take advantage of water activities such as rowing in the area to promote a healthy urban lifestyle.

This balcony design was inspired by geometric solutions that both solves practical and design concerns. These geometric designed balconies aim to highlight the stunning lake views and better lighting throughout the day. Its smart details provide the building a much more unique persona that creates a positive impression to buyers when choosing a top notch condo design as a home.

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This new residential community will cover an entire 800 acre space for its potential residents to enjoy the lakeside and urban living. It has also announced its smart community project named Quayside that highlights a subsidiary Sidewalk Labs. Aqualuna has cooperated to solve major issues in urban living by incorporating technological advancements to aid traffic congestion, safety concerns, environmental risks and to provide better and affordable housing opportunities. This will not only benefit Aqualuna residents but also the city of Toronto in general.